What is the Honors Program?

At WVU, we recognize that some students have an extra thirst for knowledge and aren't satisfied by regular studies. The University Honors Program exists to challenge those who constantly reach for higher goals.

  • Do you always want to know more?
  • Do you love to read, devouring everything you can get your hands on, from cereal boxes to mystery novels to explanations of why the stars twinkle at night?
  • Do you give thanks every day for the internet?
  • Do your conversations cover more than Lady Gaga's latest outfit?
  • Do your teachers have to keep up with you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Honors Program may be right for you!

Honors courses are truly unique learning experiences. Limited to 20 students, they are taught by some of the premiere faculty members in many different fields.

Honors courses are often hands-on, and the small class size enables engaging discussions and debates. Your professors will know you and your work, which can be a great benefit when you need personal recommendations for graduate school or jobs.

In addition to traditional courses, the Honors Program offers credit for independent study, studying abroad and undergraduate research. There are many ways to customize your Honors experience to best suit your needs and interests.

As an Honors student you will have the benefit of priority registration, as well as an advisor in your major. The Honors Office staff is always available to help with any questions, problems or concerns that may arise.

Incoming freshmen: eligibility information, the honors application, and essay questions can be found under the Freshmen Admissions tab on your left.

Current WVU students and Transfer students: click the Other Admissions tab on your left to view the eligibility requirements and application.

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